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If you have an Optima 6 volt battery, or plan to use one in your vintage auto, then you should consider using the Disguise Battery case. the Disguise is designed to safely conceal the Optima 850-6 battery as well as provide the look of a conventional lead acid battery. The Disguise is available in two models: the, 2D-II, and 2LD-II. The 2D-II case looks like a modern group 2 battery, the 2LD-II has the appearance of a vintage Group 2L tar top battery.

Please note: The 2D-2 and 2LD-II have been redesigned to accomodate the current Optima 6 volt battery design as well as previous designs


Model 2LD II Tar Top shown below, $102.50 plus Shipping from Zip 92881. Model 2D II (not shown) $78.00, battery not included.

Dimensions: 10.5 L X 7.0 W, X 8.0 H Shipping wt. five Lbs.












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